When creating Hey Pup, transparency and sustainability was always on the forefront of our minds. We want to be honest about our products and what they are made from so that as a customer, you can make informed purchases. We want you to know that we are aware of our environmental impact and are taking steps to reduce it where we can.

When sourcing materials for our bandanas, our wish was to find something that would print vibrant colours, would be soft to touch and flexible so that it would mould beautifully to the necks of dogs of all shapes and sizes. We found that natural fibres were too stiff and did not look great on larger pups. That is why we chose to use imitation silk. As we grow and gain more resources, we will strive to make our product more eco friendly.

We made it our mission to ensure all parts of our packaging are sustainable and friendly to our environment. All parts of our packaging are recyclable or compostable. You will not find any plastics in our packaging and we feel so good about that! Our custom tissue paper and stickers are made from acid free paper and printed with soy-based inks. We also use soy-based ink for our custom stamps that brand our recyclable envelopes and boxes. We use 100% cotton twine to tie up your order. Finally, we use kraft paper packing tape to seal all of our packages. Feel free to reuse our packaging to wrap your presents or if don't plan on reusing it, make sure you put everything into the correct recycling bin!